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Use your Mobile Phone to map Feral Pigs

iPhone, Android and iPad users can now access FeralPigScan and record feral pig data much more quicky while in the field. The new Mobile Mapping Facility enables you to record sightings using your mobile phone, and examine feral pig data throughout your local area. This is a valuable addition to FeralPigScan and can be used by farmers, NRM groups, community groups, schools and travellers.
Visit www.feralscan.org.au with your mobile phone and start mapping today. 

NEW iPhone App - Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia (includes feral pigs)

Mobile phone and iPad users can now access the latest information about Australia’s pest animals via the new Field Guide to Pest Animals App. Recently developed by the Invasive Animals CRC, this App contains species profiles for 31 of Australia’s worst pest animals, and includes species descriptions, photo galleries, footprints, audio calls, maps, control techniques, and quick links to plenty of pest control resources. Learn about the pest animals in your area with this new App. This App is a valuable education resource for community groups, schools, landholders and educators.

Download the App from the Apple Store (https://itunes.apple.com/au/app/field-guide-to-pest-animals/id634197149?mt=8). 

Read more at www.feral.org.au (external website)

News item: A new feral pig bait delivery device is now available

Hog-Hopper is a new feral pig bait delivery device developed through the Invasive Animals CRC, Australian Pest Animal Research Program, and Animal Control Technologies Australia.

Hog-Hopper is designed to allow feral pigs to access poison baits in the station, and restrict other species (such as native species and livestock) from taking bait. The door of the device is easily raised by feral pigs allowing them to feed on bait, but it excludes non-target species that lack the physical attributes to lift the sliding door. Small rodents are also unable to access baits.
The Hog-Hopper device has been extensively field tested with outstanding results. The device has the added benefit of preventing bait from being exposed to rain and weather, thereby preventing bait degradation. 
For further information, visit www.animalcontrol.com.au, contact enquiries@animalcontrol.com.au or call (03) 9308 9688.
To learn more, download the 
Hog-Hopper Brochure (PDF 2.12 MB)
Click to open brochure.
Jason Wishart by Hog-Hopper. Image by IACRC
Image by IACRC Image by IACRC
Image by IACRC Image by IACRC
 Photos courtesy of IACRC
National Mapping Results
State Number of sites
ACT 14
NSW 439
NT 6
QLD 234
SA 9
VIC 74
WA 62
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  • Set up pig traps where there is ripped soil, but well before you intend to use them so pigs get used to them - John
  • Traps can remove a large mob of pigs where-as shooting often only removes a few - Crooksy
  • Email your control tips to feralpigscan@feralscan.org.au and we’ll display them here
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