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How to use FoxScan in 2016

FoxScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of foxes, fox damage, and control activities in your local area. Use FoxScan data recorded in your region to help decide where to undertake control, and coordinate with your neighbours.

Record sightings, impacts and control here.

Use FoxScan (website and App) to record fox activity, impacts, and control actions in your local area. Create a map of fox data before implementing control programs with your neighbours.

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Bring your community together online

Create or join an online group to share your fox data with other people in your local area (e.g. local council or Landcare group). By joining a group, you can: (1) keep members informed about current fox problems, (2) work together, and (3) coordinate control as a group.

Develop a community mapping resource for your region

Do you need a web and app-based community mapping resource customised for your region, catchment, shire or local government area? Regional sites are now being developed to centralise all rabbit data across regions and generate rabbit activity reports. Contact Mr Peter  West (Invasive Animals CRC) for more details via E-mail


Other news

Join a coordinated fox control program?

Working in a pest control group with your neighbours is the best way to reduce fox impacts and maximise the long-term benefits of control. If you need advice on how to establish a fox control group, contact your local pest management authorities, or Jason Wishart at the Invasive Animals CRC (

Regional groups connected to FoxScan

Reducing fox impacts is best achieved when control is coordinated at local and regional scales. Catchment groups, Local Land Services (LLS) (NSW), and local councils are now connecting to FoxScan. Use FoxScan to help keep your regional group(s) informed about current fox problems.

Field Guide to Pest Animals App

Learn about other pest animals with the new Field Guide to Pest Animals App (iOS). Download FREE from the App Store - Click here.

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