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How can you use MynaScan in 2014

MynaScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of myna birds, damage, and control activities in your local area. MynaScan is regularly updated with new features, more data, and better resources to help you record and control myna birds. A new community resource is also now available, see below.

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Get involved

How to get involved?

Simply register and login to record the location of myna birds in your local area on the MynaScan Google Map. Information entered can help to coordinate myna bird control activities.

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Create a Myna map for your area

You can create a map showing all the myna bird records in your local area or create a map of your data including damage and control records. Use this information to plan control activities and work in unison with your neighbours.

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NEW Community Facility

MynaScan now hosts a NEW Community Facility for you to create or join an online group to share your observations with other people in your local area (e.g. local council or Landcare group). By joining a group, you can (1) keep members informed about current problems, (2) work together with members to target problem areas, and (3) measure the outcomes of control across your local area.

Are you part of a coordinated myna bird control program?

Working in a pest control group with your neighbours is the best way to reduce myna bird impacts and maximise the long term benefits of control. If you need advice on how to establish a control group, contact your local pest management authorities, or Jessica Marsh at the Invasive Animals CRC (
Use your mobile phone

Use your Mobile Phone to map Myna Birds

Mobile device users (iPhone, Android and iPad) can now access MynaScan faster and more easily while in the field. Record and view real-time myna bird data from your mobile device. Use this mobile phone mapping facility to record mynas in your local area.

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CMAs connected

Regional groups connected to MynaScan

Reducing Myna bird impacts is best achieved when control is coordinated at local and regional scales. Local Land Services (LLS) (NSW), catchment authorities and local councils are now connecting to RabbitScan. Using MynaScan in your local area can help your regional group(s) identify target areas for myna control. Contact your regional group to find out how they might be able to help you.
NEW Field Guide

NEW iPhone Field Guide to Pest Animals APP

iPhone and iPad users can now access the latest information about Australia’s worst pest animals via the new Field Guide to Pest Animals of Australia App. The App contains species descriptions, maps, photos, footprints, audio calls, control techniques and more.
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