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Source D Panther

Foxes are a major pest species in the Kanangra to Wyangala (K2W) program area.


Foxes are a major introduced pest animal. They prey on native wildlife (such as birds), kill lambs, prey on backyard poultry, spread weeds and disease, and have been known to kill domestic pets. Fox impacts on lambs and on native fauna can be substantially reduced by intensive coordinated fox control involving many landholders targeting areas where fox predation is high.
You can help to be part of the solution to reduce the impacts of foxes by recording fox activity in FoxScan, and by getting involved in coordinated group fox control programs.  
Fox seen in an urban area. Image by Jake Relf

How to record foxes in your local area

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3. Get involved in group fox control programs

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Source M Rogers



This project is proudly supported by the Kanangra to Wyangala and Great Eastern Ranges initiative, the Foundation for National Parks and Wildlife, NSW Local Land Services, the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and NSW Department of Primary Industries.


Contact the project team

If you wish to contact the coordinators of the fox project, or have feedback you would like to share, please send an email to

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The project is also supported by the Centre for Invasive Species Solutions and NSW Department of Primary Industries. 

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