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Why Fox Bounties dont work!

Bounty systems offer what appears to be a simple solution to pest animal problems by providing financial rewards to reduce pest numbers. However, reviews of past bounty schemes from Australia and around the world show that they are an ineffective form of pest animal control and do not deliver long-term solutions to a widespread pest animal problem.

Problems with fox bounty systems:

  • Bounties do not guarantee a significant reduction in fox damage.
  • The need for evidence to pay a bounty limits the type of control technique used.
  • Bounties need considerable supervision, and are subject to fraudulent practices.
  • Bounty hunters usually have no interest in reducing fox damage; their aim is to make money with the least amount of effort.
  • Bounty payments create a source of income that does not guarantee an increase in control effort or encourage long-term control of the fox population.
  • Bounties are often introduced for the wrong reasons.

Fact Sheet: Fox Bounty (PestSmart)

Read the Case Study from the PestSmart Fox website

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