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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Welcome to the southern Sydney fox mapping resource

Source D Panther

Southern Sydney Councils are working together to manage fox impacts

Introduced foxes are a declared pest in NSW, and are causing increasing problems throughout Sydney. To help address this, southern Sydney Councils have come together to develop a regional and coordinated approach to fox management to address these problems
Over the next year the project will study the behaviour of urban foxes, engage local communities and map the distribution of foxes in southern Sydney enabling fox control to be undertaken at strategic locations.

To reduce the impacts of foxes, we encourage you to record and map sightings of foxes and fox impacts in your local area in FoxScan.

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» Find out more about urban foxes (Watch Youtube clip)

Learn more about the project:
- Media release (Sept 7, 2015)
Source G Brown

How you can get involved

  1. Register here, then Login
  2. Record the details of your fox sighting
  3. Submit your record(s) and it will be displayed on this website.
Please note, your personal details will not be visible or accessible to the public.

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Use your mobile phone to record fox sightings

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Chickens killed by a fox. Image by Chris Lane

Simple tips to reduce fox problems

  • Dont leave pet food outside overnight
  • Use enclosed compost bins
  • Keep domestic animals secure at night
  • Remove fallen fruit around fruit trees
  • Keep garbage bins covered
  • Block entry points to drains
  • Close off access to underneath buildings
  • Use fox-proof enclosures for poultry
  • Turn-off outside lights that might attract insects
  • Reduce weeds that provide food and shelter, such as Blackberries
  • Record sightings in FoxScan.

Researchers need your assistance for fox diet study

Researchers at the Western Sydney University are presently seeking community support in collecting fox carcases and fox scats for a major fox diet study in Sydney. If you can assist, please contact the researchers via
Source C Marks

Impacts on the environment and threatened species

Foxes have been identified as playing a major role in the decline of many native species including ground-nesting birds, small to medium sized mammals and reptiles. They are also as a major threat to threatened species across Australia and in the southern Sydney region. Foxes are also weed vectors – distributing weed seeds across the region, and can spread diseases.

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Source M Rogers

Learn how to identify foxes

Do you know the difference between a fox, domestic dog and a possum? Foxes are about the size of a medium-sized dog and are usually reddish-brown in colour with a white chin and bushy tail, but sometimes they can be confused with other urban animals.

» Fox description and history and biology.
Start mapping foxes now

Click here to record fox sightings

FoxScan is a community website that allows you to record and map sightings of foxes, fox damage, and control activities in your local area. Your data will help to identify where foxes are a major problem.

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Fox captured on infrared camera, source TBC

Monitoring fox behaviour in urban areas

There is quite a lot known about what foxes eat and how they behave in a rural setting, but less is known about urban foxes in Sydney. To learn more about how foxes are using urban landscapes, we will use data you enter into FoxScan, wildlife motion camera data to track fox movements and scat analysis to determine what foxes are eating.
Fox seen in an urban area. Image by Jake Relf

How your contribution is helping

Your data is helping to map the distribution of foxes, enabling Councils to make better decisions about fox control and management. The mapping of fox sightings, fox damage and their dens is an important step towards regional fox control. As the project develops, we will provide updates about how your data is helping this important program.

Our patch - view or send photos from your local area

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Contact the project team

If you wish to contact the coordinators of the fox project, or have feedback you would like to share, please send an email to


The ‘Integrated Fox Control Project for the Inner, Eastern and Southern Sydney Urban Landscape’ is supported by community, local government and research organisations.

The project is supported by the Sydney Coastal Councils Group through funding from the Australian Government. The project partners include:


The project is also supported by the Centre for Invasive species Solutions and NSW Department of Primary Industries. 
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