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Welcome to the Wollongong Indian Myna Action Program (WIMAP) homepage

in MynaScan

Wollongong Indian Myna problem - 2017

Indian myna birds are a major pest bird in the greater Wollongong area. Wollongong City Council and community volunteers are working together through the WIMAP program to control Myna bird numbers in Wollongong.

S Harris

Record Myna birds in your local area

Record your sightings in MynaScan (Start Mapping NOW) or send the data to WIMAP (email

Attend a FREE workshop

  • Attend a free workshop run by Wollongong City Council to find out how you can get involved - To book, call our Customer Service line: Telephone (02) 4227 7111
  • Tell your friends and neighbours about WIMAP.

Join WIMAP and share your data

Agree to join the WIMAP community when you register (or when invited) to share your observations of myna birds in your local area with other WIMAP community members. Contact WIMAP for more information - email:

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