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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What StarlingScan provides

StarlingScan is a free resource enabling communities to report sightings of invasive starlings and alert biosecuritiy organisations to the damage that they cause. It can be used to help develop detailed information about starling populations, to help with controlling numbers to reduce the damage they cause. Starlings cause significant damage to orchards, vineyards, grain production, and displace native species. They are also a significant pest bird in urban area and cities. 
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What to record

  1. Starling sightings
  2. Photographs of starling problems
  3. Damage such as impacts to fruit trees or residential houses 
  4. Control activities  
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Benefits of using StarlingScan

  • Help document starling populations in your local area
  • Alert local biosecurity authorities about the problems starlings cause
  • Use the map to identify hotspots of activity for control
  • Work with your community to develop a control plan


Case studies - coming soon

  1. Farmers and landholder groups
  2. Pest control professionals
  3. Biosecurity organisations
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