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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Kangaroo Island


Welcome to the feral cat mapping page for Kangaroo Island

Have you seen a feral cat recently?

Feral cats cause enormous problems across Kangaroo Island. They prey on our native wildlife and can spread diseases that affect livestock and farm productivity - such as Toxoplasmosis and Sarcosporidiosis.
FeralCatScan offers a new way of reporting feral cats in your local local area. Information you record will help to identify hot-spots for feral cats, and hopefully help to identify solutions to the feral cat problem across Kangaroo Island.
You can help by recording sightings of feral cats in your local area, or submit a photo to the FeralCatScan Gallery.

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Please register your details and login to map sightings of Feral Cats in your local area on the Google Map. You can record sightings, impacts (such as predation on native animals) or control activities in this website, and view that information at any time.

Learn about feral cats

Find out about feral cats and what you can do to help prevent the problems they cause in your local area.

Send in your feedback

FeralCatScan is supported by many people on Kangaroo Island, but we want to hear from you with your feedback so that we can improve the system even further. If you have any feedback, please E-mail 


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If you wish to contact the coordinators of the FeralCatScan program, or have feedback you would like to share, please send an email to

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