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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Kangaroo Island


What this page provides

Welcome to the Kangaroo Island page for Feral Cats. This page has been designed to help you use the FeralCatScan resource for recording cat activity on Kangaroo Island. The information entered is used to view feral cat hot spots, review management activities, monitor if the outcomes of the program are achieved, and plan for future feral cat management through coordinated efforts
 Feral cats cause enormous problems across Kangaroo Island. They prey on our native wildlife and can spread diseases that affect livestock and farm productivity - such as Toxoplasmosis and Sarcosporidiosis. 

About FeralCatScan

FeralCatScan is a free web site and mobile App, where you can view feral cat records on the map and send alerts to local biosecurity authorities and feral cat management groups. The FeralScan app allows you to record while in the paddock and also works without mobile reception.
  • Record sightings (photos & paw prints)     
  • Feral cat attacks (such as killed native species)
  • Control activities (e.g. baiting and trapping)
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FeralCatScan has a range of step-by-step instructions to help get you started using the resource:

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 Feral cat resources

There are many techniques that are available for controlling feral cats. There are also a large number of resources that you can use to help you with managing the impacts of feral cats in your local area, including informational fact sheets, instructional videos, and standard operating procedures for control.

Access the practical resources here

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Anniversary - 10 Years
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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016