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A new community resource for mapping feral fish

FeralFishScan is a new community website for collecting evidence of feral fish. Feral fish (also called 'pest fish') cause enormous damage to our rivers and native fish populations. If you have seen or caught feral fish in your local area, record the details here to help identify feral fish hot-spots across our catchment.

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Your help is urgently needed in a National Carp Survey

If you see Carp aggregating in local waterways this summer, please undertake this short 3-minute survey to help with the National Carp Control Plan. The future of Australia's waterways is in our hands. To find out more, visit https://carpmap.org.au 

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How to identify feral fish species!

Do you know which fish species you've seen? There are 5 major feral fish species you can map in FeralFishScan at present. They are common carp, redfin perch, eastern gambusia, oriental weatherloach, and goldfish. There are also some native species that can be easily mistaken for feral fish. To find out how to identify feral fish, click here.

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If you have seen feral fish in your local area, record this information in the FeralFishScan Google Map. Your data will help to identify where feral fish are a major problem, and your data will help to identify options for feral fish control.

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FeralFish news

What is happening to control feral fish?

There is always something happening to control feral fish! Learn about current programs to control feral fish and how you can help with those programs. 

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How your data is helping with feral fish management?

Your data is helping to control feral fish. The mapping of carp spawning sites is particularly important for their control. Find out how your data is helping to map feral fish hotspots, identify breeding sites, and control feral fish in our catchment. 


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