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About FeralFishScan

FeralFishScan is a new community website dedicated to collecting evidence of feral fish (also known as pest fish) from our freshwater rivers. 

Species such as European carp, Redfin perch, Goldfish, Gambusia and Oriental weatherloach are found in many rivers, but exactly where they occur is poorly known. These species are directly impacting on our native fish and aquatic fauna in many ways, including the spread of disease/parasites and predation on the young and eggs of native species.

Some pest fish can also affect the health of our rivers, lakes and creeks by compounding the effects of degradation from other sources, which in turn can affect the ability for native fish and aquatic fauna to thrive and breed.

Although we know roughly how these species are impacting our rivers, lakes and creek systems, we don’t have detailed catchment-wide data on where these pest fish are found or their numbers. We need your help to address this knowledge gap to better manage the effects of pest fish throughout our wonderful catchment.

You can help by recording sightings of pest fish in the FeralFishScan community mapping facility throughout your catchment area. This data will then be available for everyone to see and use.

Carp are a major problem in Murray Darling catchment. Knowing more about carp in our catchment is really important! They are one of our worst aquatic pests and can breed up very quickly. Mapping carp hotspots and where they breed is important for understanding their behaviour and identifying opportunities for control. Carp are often thought to require large and warm wetlands to breed, but we have very few of those types of wetlands, and we still have lots of carp! We need your help to fill in the pieces of this Carp Puzzle. 

Get involved in your local area to reduce pest fish!

Waterwatch volunteers identifying macroinvertebrates as part of a water monitoring program. Image: A Brademann.

Samantha and Trystan Petersen doing their bit to remove carp. Image: R & J Parsons.

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