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Richard Konzag uses MouseAlert to record local mouse abundance data. Image GRDC

Farmers work together to predict mouse plagues.


Current advice: Keep an eye out for mice during crop sowing and growing season.

Grain growers are being encouraged to keep a close eye on mouse activity over the coming crop growing and harvesting season and regularly record their observations via MouseAlert.
MouseAlert aims at improving early warning of possible plagues to enable a rapid response to increases in mouse activity.
MouseAlert can be used to map where mice are and where they aren’t, so participants can play a vital role in developing a better picture of mice distribution and numbers.
MouseAlert can be used as often as you want – for recording mouse activity, or viewing what is happening in your local area.
Please take 3 minutes to complete a MouseAlert report. Your data will help to identify the risk of mouse plagues in your region in future growing seasons.

Click here to start mapping mouse activity.

If you need any assistance, please email

Download the Mobile App for Apple and Android

Simply download this App, and start recording mouse activity in your local area. MouseAlert is part of the FeralScan Phone App.

Update: Mouse activity remains moderate until spring. 

Mouse abundance has remained moderate across the southern and eastern sites (South Australia, Victoria & southern NSW). Mouse abundance remains relatively low across all other monitoring sites. Mice caused damage to crops at sowing and growers have had variable success with zinc phosphide baits. Mouse numbers will continue to decline through until spring when breeding starts. Growers should check for mouse activity in their own paddocks using active burrows or mouse chew cards. Mouse damage to growing plants (ie damage to tillers) will become evident. Once crops have emerged, mice will chew tillers. Most cereal crops can compensate for some damage providing it is not extremely high. Please continue to report activity on MouseAlert.

Read the latest Mouse Monitoring Update (July 2017) (PDF) 


When to record mouse activity

Recording mouse activity at key times will improve forecasts that will help early application of control to reduce the impacts of plagues. Information is particularly valuable at 3 key times in the cropping cycle.

Find out when to record mouse activity - Click here.

Bring your farming group online

MouseAlert can be used by landholder groups to inform members of current trends in mouse activity and damage. By joining a group, you can (1) keep members up-to-date about current issues, (2) alert members to changes in mouse activity, and (3) work together to control mice before their numbers rise.

Respond early to prevent mouse problems

Mice can cause enormous damage to crops in a very short time period. Most damage occurs during mouse plagues, however by the time a large plague is obvious, it is generally too late to do anything to stop the damage. That is why acting early (and actively recording mouse activity at key times) is very important.

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