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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What MouseAlert provides

MouseAlert is a free resource that grain producers and farmers can use to record and report the prevalence of mice before they become a major issue. MouseAlert is a free resource, and can help you to notify producers in your region about changes in mouse activity. Information you enter, can be used to alert local biosecurity authorities and other people about changes in mouse populations, which can help everyone reduce the problems they cause.

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What to record

  1. Mouse activity in paddocks, crops, and grain storage     
  2. Photos of the damage they cause
  3. Notes about any recent changes to mouse activity, such as Numbers are rising.   
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Mouse Activity Report (CSIRO and GRDC) March 2021

  • Mouse numbers are moderate to high in many regions of southern Queensland; northern, central and southern NSW; north-western Victoria; parts of South Australia and around Ravensthorpe, WA (see map, or Read the Full Report)
  • Mouse numbers are low in other areas, but patchy
  • Mice have continued to breed through summer/ autumn, to reach a peak at sowing of winter crops.
  • It is unclear what impact recent rainfall will have on populations 
  • Growers are advised to actively monitor for mouse activity (including active burrows)
  • Report your mouse activity into MouseAlert

Management recommendations

  • Actively gauge numbers by walking into the paddock
  • Remove as much residual food as possible
  • Bait six weeks out from sowing to overcome any sub-lethal doses or bait aversion
  • If mice are present at sowing, bait off the back of the planter to prevent damage to freshly sown crop.
  • Baiting at sowing is most effective if no other food sources are available
  • Contact your bait supplier 

Benefits of using MouseAlert

  • Document mouse activity in crops, grain storage, etc
  • Stay informed about changes in mouse activity in your local area
  • Alert your local biosecurity group and neighbours to changes in mouse activity
  • Develop a coordinated control program with your local community

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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016