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How to create an online group

Bring your group together in MouseAlert

MouseAlert can now be used to help your group record and share data about mouse activity among your members.
Setup a group in MouseAlert and invite members to share their records to get a better understanding of what's happening with mice across your region, and better coordinate a response to mouse numbers or damage.
By joining a group, you will be able to receive updates of mouse activity in your local area, based on records your members submit. This way you will be kept up-to-date about changes in mouse activity.

Step 1. Agree to form an online group 

Contact the people you would like to work together with in MouseAlert to discuss forming an online group. This could include other landholders, a Landcare group, local council, catchment group, or your neighbours.

Step 2. Register your group


Nominate one person to administer membership, and Register your new group via 'Create a new group' Enter the group name, email address for your nominated adminstrator, and assign a Username and Password. 

Step 3. Invite members & View data

Invite people into the group using the MouseAlert email service. Once members agree to join the group, all members will be able to Login and see the data entered by the group on the mapping page under the My Groups dropdown menu. Select your group name to display records all your members.


If you are a member of an existing group (such as a Landcare Group or local council) this new feature could be very useful to you.
  1. Sharing data about mouse activity within your group will be useful for planning control.
  2. Generate reports of current mouse activity, damage and control actions.
  3. Work together to coordinate control, and produce maps of your groups data.
  4. Use the groups data to evaluate control, and monitor populations.

People who accept an invitation will be able to share the records they have entered with all participating members of your group, and share other species data (ie rabbits, foxes etc). All personal details for members will continue to remain private, and members can opt out of the group at any stage.

Assistance available

If you would like assistance, please email
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