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Richard Konzag uses MouseAlert to record local mouse abundance data. Image GRDC

Farmers urged to record current mouse problems.


It only takes 45 seconds to record current mouse problems in MouseAlert to help raise awareness about mouse problems in your local area, to help farmers take steps to protect crops.


Current advice: Mouse numbers are Low in all areas.

MouseAlert aims at keep people informed about current mouse problems, improve early warnings, predict future plagues, and help farmers to protect their crops.

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Update: Mouse numbers are estimated to be low in all areas
Mouse numbers have declined in all areas and are now low in all areas, but there are some isolated patches of activity.

There is a low risk of damage of crops leading into spring.
Mouse numbers will continue to decline through winter, they will not breed again until early spring. There are very dry across most regions.

Advice - Growers should actively monitor mouse activity (mouse chew cards or active burrow counts). Take a walk through paddocks
Mouse numbers decline through winter, but can still cause economic damage if numbers are high. Crops will compensate for minor damage, but cannot compensate for heavy damage.
1. Control weeds and grasses along fence lines and crop margins before seedset by spraying or slashing.
2. Mouse-proof houses and grain and stock feed storages.
3. Apply bait around buildings if necessary.
4. Monitor for signs of mouse activity.

 Read the latest Mouse Monitoring Update (August 2018) (PDF) 

Download the App

Simply download this App to start recording mouse activity in your local area.

When to record mouse activity

Recording mouse activity at key times will improve forecasts that will help early application of control to reduce the impacts of plagues. Information is particularly valuable at 3 key times in the cropping cycle.

Find out when to record mouse activity - Click here.

Respond early to prevent problems

Mice can cause enormous damage to crops in a very short time period. Most damage occurs during mouse plagues, however by the time a large plague is obvious, it is generally too late to do anything to stop the damage. That is why acting early (and actively recording mouse activity at key times) is very important.

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ROGERS advice - Monitor for mouse activity regularly, and bait early if you can.
STEVES advice - Watch for increase in numbers late winter and spring!!
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