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About MouseAlert

'MouseAlert' is a new interactive website allowing grain growers to record and view mouse activity in their local area in real time. It has been developed by the Invasive Animals CRC in partnership with GRDC, Landcare Research and CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems.
It provides farmers and landholders with a new way of keeping a close eye on changes in mouse populations. Data entered will help with early-warning of increases in mouse activity and better forecasts for plagues. Rapid response by growers can then minimise mouse damage.
Use MouseAlert to record:

(1) Sighting and evidence of mouse activity around your property.

(2) Damage caused by mice, such as crop damage.  

(3) Control activities you have undertaken, such as baiting.

MouseAlert can be used by mobile device users in the field, and a new community group facility will allow growers to come together online to keep each other informed about mouse activity across properties.
The next step of the project will be development of a Phone App, and development of a notification system so members of a group can be alerted to changes in mouse activity in their local area as soon as it happens, enabling a coordinated rapid response.
The MouseAlert team will be holding a series of free, hands-on workshops to introduce growers to the technology in southern cropping regions in the coming months. For further information about the workshops, contact Steve Henry ( or 0428 633 844), or email

Receive updates about mouse activity

MouseAlert will post updates about changes in mouse numbers and report information from current monitoring programs where researchers and farmers are working together to measure mouse numbers and trends. You can assist this process by contribute your own information (by mapping mouse activity in your local area in MouseAlert) to help maintain a clear picture about what's happening with mice across your region.

Read the latest mouse update

 Source: S Henry
ROGERS advice - Monitor for mouse activity regularly, and bait early if you can.
STEVES advice - Watch for increase in numbers late winter and spring!!
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