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How to get involved

MouseAlert is a freely available website and mapping facility for farmers to record evidence of mouse presence, damage or control. Farmers who enter data can examine trends in mouse activity at key times during crop production. The more evidence entered, the more useful MouseAlert will become, allowing people to act swiftly to emerging mouse problems to lessen crop and environmental damage. 
Before entering data, we recommend you Register your details in MouseAlert so that you can login and examine your data over time. Once registered, you can enter as little or as much information as you like, but the more data you enter, the more useful the Mouse Map will be for your local area. If you have registered as part of FeralScan, you will not need to register again.

When to record mouse activity

Recording whether or not mice are present during key times of crop production is very important for real-time assessments of mouse densities in your local area, and for forecasting of future mouse plagues. As a guide, key times for your local area are:  

Northern NSW

Southern Queensland

Southern NSW, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia

1. May-July
2. September-November
3. December-January 
1. May-July
2. September-November
3. December-January
1. February-April
2. June-July
3. September-October
You can also record mouse activity at any other key times during your crop production.

Record sightings, damage or control

ROGERS advice - Monitor for mouse activity regularly, and bait early if you can.
STEVES advice - Watch for increase in numbers late winter and spring!!
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