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How to use RabbitScan in 2016

RabbitScan is a free resource for landholders and the community to record and map rabbit activity, warrens, damage, and control activities in their local area. RabbitScan can also be used to record rabbit numbers and evidence of disease.

Winner of Banksia Award 2016

The FeralScan Program recently won a Banksia Sustainability Award for Science and Research excellence, from the Banksia Foundation and the Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Hon. Josh Frydenberg MP. This award reflects your commitment to improving pest animal management, and will enable us to continue to help reduce to problems caused by pest animals nationally. Thank you for your ongoing support. Read more, visit the Banksia Awards website or PestSmart Connect.



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How to get involved in the national RHDV monitoring program

Communities are getting prepared for RHDV1 K5

Over 700 landholders and community groups have registered to be involved in the national release of RHDV1 K5 in 2017. Landholders, school groups and community organisations are already sending in samples of dead rabbits, and are conducting spotlight counts of rabbits to measure rabbit populations. 

Find out more from PestSmart (external website)


1. Report dead rabbits - click here


Have you found a dead rabbit? Reporting evidence of rabbit disease in your local area (and submitting a sample for laboratory analysis) can help us to document (and map) the spread of biocontrol agents or viruses in your region. This can then be used to help plan follow-up rabbit control in your local area to reduce rabbit populations as much as possible and get the most from the RHDV1 K5 release. If you find a dead rabbit you suspect has died from RHDV, please record the details here (and request a sample kit) and then freeze the dead rabbit until a sample kit arrives.

2. Record rabbit activity - click here

Recording rabbit activity using spotlight counts before and after the release of RHDV1 K5 can help you evaluate its effectiveness in your local area, and help you to decide what further control is needed to maximise the benefits of the RHDV1 K5 release. This information can also be printed on a map for planning follow-up control in your local area with your neighbours and local authorities. If you are part of the national monitoring program, please record your spotlight count data here

Assistance available


If you require any assistance or advice, please contact rabbitscan@rabbitscan.org.au


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Connect your community online

Create or join an online group to share your rabbit data with other people in your local area (e.g. local council or Landcare group). By joining a group, you can: (1) keep members informed about current problems; (2) work together, and (3) coordinate control in areas mapped by your group.

Develop a community mapping resource for your region

Do you need a web and app-based community mapping resource customised for your region, catchment, shire or local government area? Regional sites are now being developed to centralise all rabbit data across regions and generate rabbit activity reports. Contact Mr Peter West (Invasive Animals CRC) for more details via E-mail feralscan@feralscan.org.au.
To contact the Project Team, please email rabbitscan@feralscan.org.au.
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