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The new Rabbit Mapping system for the Mallee was launched in Ouyen in 

late September for landholders to map rabbit problem areas.

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A new Rabbit mapping resource has been developed and is available for anyone in the Mallee region to record and map rabbit activity. The RabbitScan-Mallee mapping system was launched in Ouyen in late September.
Landholders can now use this resource to map rabbit problems using this new new system and Smart Phone App, enabling local councils, catchment groups and private contractors to work together to reduce rabbit problems.
By working together, information about the locations of rabbit warrens can be quickly and easily provided to contractors .

Open the Mallee Rabbit map now, and

record sightings, impacts and control


Use your mobile phone to map rabbit problem sites

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RabbitScan-Mallee is a new resource for the Mallee region

Help to stop the spread of rabbits by using RabbitScan to map rabbits, warrens and rabbit activity. Data recorded in RabbitScan in our region will help decide where to implement rabbit control programs.

Download Information Pack - How to use this resource.


Rabbit control funding announced in Victoria - Learn more!

The Victorian Rabbit Action Network has recently announced the launch of the Small Grants Program. Grants of between $1,000 – $10,000 are available to support community groups in rabbit management to work together to build capacity and facilitate knowledge sharing networks. Find out more (external website).

Be part of a community approach to rabbit control

Join the Mildura and Mallee project to record and map rabbit activity to help identify rabbit hotspots in our local area. We can all help to map the hotspot areas. To find out more contact Joanne.robinson@mildura.vic.gov.au

Are you part of the Mildura-Mallee rabbit control program?

Working in a pest control group with your neighbours is the best way to reduce rabbit damage and maximise the long-term benefits of control. Contact kevin.chaplin@malleecma.com.au at Mallee CMA to learn more about Mallee rabbit control programs. 



RabbitScan is proudly supported by Mallee CMA, Mallee Landcare Group, and


Mildura Rural City Council

Mallee CMA
Mallee Landcare Group
Mildura Rural City Council

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