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RabbitScan is a mapping resource that will help to report the situation with rabbits in your area and across the region by gathering vital information from people that see rabbits regularly. RabbitScan is a free mapping resource that you can use to help control rabbits in your local area.  

Registering in RabbitScan

You will need to Register to enter data in RabbitScan. Once registered, you can enter as little or as much of this information as you like, but the more data you enter the more useful RabbitScan will be for you. If you have previously registered and have forgotten your Username or Password, simply contact us via the Forgot password page.

1. Where do rabbits occur and how many are there?

By mapping sightings of rabbits, RabbitScan will be able to identify trends of rabbits across your region and across Australia, and combine local knowledge to accurately identify where rabbits occur and how many occur in your region and across Australia. Knowing how many rabbits exist in an area is essential in deciding which control techniques are appropriate.

2. What damage (or problems) are rabbits causing?

Measuring and mapping the damage caused by rabbits is important information to collect. Rabbit populations should be managed in terms of the damage they are causing, not just their numbers. By mapping the damage caused by rabbits, RabbitScan can be used to help identify when, where and how to control rabbits to reduce the damage they cause.

3. What control is being undertaken?

RabbitScan can be used to map where rabbit control may have occurred to help determine where, when and how control should be implemented in future control programs. This is a mapping resource that can produce useful information for your local area.

Collecting and entering data in RabbitScan

Collecting and entering your data into the RabbitScan is easy. Everything you need to know is contained in the easy-to-use Online guide. Please familiarise yourself with this guide.
Please also familiarise yourself with the Health and safety message.
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