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The Project Team brings pest management and research expertise together from many organisations, including the Invasive Animals Cooperative Research Centre, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Industry & Investment NSW), and various groups around Australia. Working with national advisory groups, community champions, leading scientists, landholder and industry representatives, community action groups, natural resource managers, information technology and web-design specialists, the project brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise together in this important national feral animal program.

The Project Team consists of Peter West, Chris Lane, Jessica Marsh, Brian Lukins, Glen Saunders, Keryn Lapidge, Daniel Scott and Mike Newton under the guidance of the FeralScan Project Steering Committee.

Acknowledging contributions

This program builds on the pioneering and highly successful RabbitScan Citizen Science project coordinated by Jenny Quealy and the Rabbit Management Advisory Group during 2009. Valuable outcomes from that project have led to improved knowledge, understanding, and management of rabbits in Australia. Lessons learnt and feedback from RabbitScan 1 have enhanced the current project to provide an improved resource for landholders and communities Australia-wide. Special thanks go to Jenny Quealy for her pioneering work with RabbitScan and for helping to establish the current project.

The FeralScan Project Steering Committee guides the project and special thanks to all members, including David Lord, David Berman, and Brian Cooke for ongoing advice and support during both RabbitScan 1 and the current project. Many people are involved in the project, and images have been kindly supplied by Daryl Panther (Victorian Wildlife Management), Benxiang Zeng, Geoffrey Dabb, Jenny Quealy, Chris Lane, Brian Lukins, Peter West, David Croft, Keryn Lapidge, and NSW DPI. This website contains materials supplied by many authors including Peter West, Jenny Quealy, David Lord, Brian Lukins, Keryn Lapidge, Glen Saunders, Brian Cooke and David Berman.

This project is funded and supported by the Australian Pest Animal Research Program (APARP) from the Australian Government, Invasive Animals CRC, NSW Department of Primary Industries (Industry & Investment NSW), Woolworths, Toshiba, Western CMA (NSW) and NintiOne Limited. For more details see Sponsors and Partners.

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