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Have you seen a Cane Toad lately?

ToadScan is a community website that allows you to record sightings of cane toads in your local area. Cane toads can pose a serious risk to domestic pets, native wildlife, and people if they are handled incorrectly. If you see a cane toad in your local area, record sightings into ToadScan.
By recording sightings, you can help prevent the problems that cane toads cause, and help protect the areas we all love. Land managers can use the information you record to undertake a coordinated cane toad control program, such as a Toad Muster event.
Your contribution can make a lasting difference.

Look for these features to positively identify a cane toad 


Record your sighting of a cane toad

 Cane toad musters can work. Photo by NSW NPWS


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Are you part of a coordinated program?

Working in a coordinated pest control group with your neighbours or local community is the best way to reduce a cane toad population and maximise the long-term benefits of control. If you need advice on how to establish a control group, contact your local pest management authority or Government department.
Cane toad control programs can be successful, and your involvement can make a lasting difference.

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  • Trapping cane toads can be done with Light Traps that attract bugs at night - Marion
  • Email your top control tips to and we’ll display them on this website


  • NSW is putting the spotlight on cane toads.
  • Authorities want to prevent them from spreading further
  • If you have seen a cane toad in NSW, please report it immediately. RabbitScan WildDogScan FeralCatScan FoxScan FeralPigScan MynaScan MouseAlert CamelScan FeralGoatScan ToadScan FeralFishScan StarlingScan DeerScan
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