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Cane toads eradicated from Port Macquarie, NSW

Cane toads were first detected in Port Macquarie (NSW mid-north coast) near a waste transfer station in 1997. The first inspection uncovered 10 cane toads and prompted further action due to the potential for breeding. At that time, Port Macquarie was 300km south of the main cane toad front line in northern NSW making this isolated outbreak a major concern. At the same time, it meant that it could be an opportunity to eradicate the outbreak before it could establish and while it was separated from the main cane toad population to the north.
National Parks and Wildlife Officer Mike Dodkin talks to the community about the toad incursion.

Community mobilised and mustering

NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service in collaboration with Port Macquarie-Hastings Council, Hastings Landcare and the Frog and Tadpole Study Group NSW mobilised the community through media and mail outs and held its first muster with over 500 participants involved and 440 toads removed. Each year the community rallied together and removed more toads as well as trapping and nightly searches conducted by Hastings Landcare. It was the outstanding contribution that community volunteers made to the project that resulted in its success, and a low cost operation as a whole.
Education with school groups proved very popular and effective.

Success - Cane toads eradicated!

After ten years of persistent control and the removal of 880 individual cane toads, no cane toads have been found in Port Macquarie for three years. The success of this program is attributed to sustained community effort to locate and remove toads, the removal of an artificial water source (a focal point for toad breeding), and coordination from the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.
ToadScan can help with ongoing monitoring around Port Macquarie for any future potential outbreaks, and can help to identify and coordinate local control activities in other locations where toads are found.
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