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WildDogScan is a free resource for landholders, community groups and pest controllers. Use WildDogScan to map wild dog activity, document wild dog problems, inform your neighbours and local biosecurity authorities, and identify priority areas for control.

Record sightings, evidence, impacts and control

Use the WildDogScan website and App to record wild dog activity, document the damage caused by wild dogs, and map your control activities. Create a local wild dog map, and work with your neighbours to coordinate wild dog control together.

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Alert your local biosecurity groups about wild dogs

Record Wild Dog problems in WildDogScan (such as wild dog attacks on farm animals) and we will automatically alert local biosecurity authorities on your behalf using Email Notifications. 
 To find out more, contact feralscan@feralscan.org.au.
  Register your landholder group (closed group)
Create a closed online group for your landholder group to:
  1. Receive wild dog activity updates (via email notifications),
  2. Produce a Wild Dog activity map for your group
  3. Work together to coordinate control for problem areas
  4. Identify trends in wild dog problems over time.

Biosecurity groups are connected to WildDogScan

Reducing wild dog impacts is best achieved when control is coordinated at local and regional scales. Regional biosecurity organisations are now connected to WildDogScan. Use WildDogScan in your local area to keep your regional groups informed about current wild dog activity.  

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Assistance is available - E-mail feralscan@feralscan.org.au


Visit PestSmart to find out how to control wild dogs

Visit the PestSmart website to view instructional videos on Wild Dog control (YouTube) and find out how to control wild dogs. 
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