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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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*** OLD *** - Recording your observations

Wild dogs (which include feral domestic dogs, dingoes and their hybrids) are a major problem because they maul and kill livestock, prey on native fauna (including threatened species), and their management costs farmers and government organisations millions of dollars annually. Wild dogs can also spread some diseases, and can pose a threat to humans. The damage caused from wild dogs is estimated at $66.3 million annually.
  1. WildDogScan is a free resource for landholders, community groups, pest controllers and biosecurity organisations.
  2. People are using it to map wild dog activity, document wild dog problems, and record control activities
  3. You can use WildDogScan to stay informed about wild dogs in your local area, inform your neighbours and local biosecurity authority, and plan control.

How you can use WildDogScan

  1. Record sightings and numbers - where have they been seen?
  2. Document damage from wild dogs. such as attacks on livestock
  3. Map control activities - such as locations where control has been undertaken.

The more information entered into WildDogScan the more useful the Wild dog map will become.

Sheep killed by wild dogs in the central tablelands of NSW, Image by G and L O'Reilly
Wild dogs maul and kill sheep, cattle, goats, domestic pets and native wildlife. Photo source:G and L O'Reilly - Central Tablelands of NSW

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