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Resources and downloads

This section contains a range of feral camel information, online resources, relevant management plans, and contact information for key groups involved with feral camel management in Australia.

Relevant resources

This page contains a Camel Fact Sheet, relevant published reports, feral camel websites, resources for schools, NRM groups, and local governments, and other relevant information! To read more go to Resources.

National Feral Camel Action Plan

To read the National Feral Camel Action Plan go to:

Useful links

Useful links to relevant management authorities in each State and Territory are provided here. Contact your local authorities, regional NRM bodies, and the Australian Feral Camel Management Project about feral camels in your are. For more information, go to Links.

Photo gallery - Upload your photos here

If you have photos of feral camels - here is an uploading facility for you! Upload your feral camel photos to the Photo Gallery and share your photos with others. For more information, go to the Photo Gallery.

Image by H Boessem
During the breeding season, from May to October, males can have a herd of 20 or more females (cows) which they defend against other males (bulls). Source: Hans Boessem.

National Mapping Results
State Number of sites
NSW 10
NT 155
QLD 10
SA 91
WA 159
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