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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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What this website provides

Feral donkeys, camels and water buffalo populations cause significant damage to native vegetation and culturally significant sites, farming infrastructure including fencing and irrigation, and cause destruction to riparian zones. Coordinated control with your neighbours, local biosecurity groups and professional pest controllers, using a range of techniques, is the most effective way to manage these species. Below are some features and benefits of this website.


This website provides a range of tools


Identify Feral Animal Hotspots

View records on the map of donkeys, camels and water buffalo to identify hotspot areas for sightings and damage, patterns and timing of animal movement. This information will help you, your neighbours and community identify where and when coordinated management of the population should be undertaken.

Send instant alerts

If you record sightings, damages or control activities, instant email alerts can be sent to your neighbours, local biosecurity groups and professional pest controllers about the issue at your location.

Work with your community

Use the map and plan where, when and how to implement control with your neighbours, community, professional pest controllers and local biosecurity authorities.

Funding and control activities

The more records on the map, the more evidence there is of pest animal sightings, damage and control in your local area. This can help you communicate local issues with funding providers and professional pest controllers, and plan for appropriate control activities.

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How to use this website

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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016

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Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016