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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is FeralScan?
FeralScan is a purpose-built, free community resource which anyone can use to record observations or information about introduced pest animals in their local area. This could include sightings or evidence of introduced pest animals, the damage (or impacts) of pest animals, and any control activities undertaken. FeralScan enables users to document pest problems, seek assistance, alert neighbours, collaborate with community and biosecurity groups, and coordinate pest-control activities.

What introduced pest animals does FeralScan cover?
People can record information about wild dogs, feral deer (6 species), rabbits, feral cats, foxes, feral pigs, myna birds, cane toads, mice, feral goats, pest fish, starlings, other pests (donkeys, camels, and buffalo), and new pest threats, such as American corn snakes and red-eared slider turtles.

How to record observations or information
Anyone can record observations of pests anywhere across Australia. You can record observations on your property, in your local area (such as a parkland), or any other area you visit. All information can potentially help to guide local and regional management programs, including control. All you need to get started is a valid email address or a Feralscan Login (see below)
How to register your details
Registering your details (also called 'creating a FeralScan Login') is quick and easy. Simply head to the Registration page, complete the form and click Submit. Once you register, you can login and logout as you wish, and all information you record will be visible to you on the FeralScan Maps.

How to submit a record
You can use either the FeralScan community website, or the free FeralScan Pest Mapping mobile App to record pest observations.

1. On the FeralScan website, click on the species you want to record. Once the species page opens, read the simple instructions and then click the RECORD SPECIES button on the top right-hand-side of the page. This will open a Google Map. Click RECORD DATA on the top left-hand-side, and zoom the map to your location. Click on the Map to place a marker at the correct location, answer the questions, and SUBMIT your record.

2. On the Mobile App – The FeralScan Pest Mapping App can be freely downloaded from the Google Play or Apple App Store (please follow the links on the FeralScan website). Once installed, the mobile app can be used with and without mobile reception. Open the App, select the species, and then select the type of information you wish to record, such as a Sighting, Damage or Control action. The App will automatically try to calculate your present location using the GPS receiver in your mobile device. Once your location has been determined, the coordinates of your location will display as Latitude and Longitude values. Then simply answer the questions in the form, and SUBMIT your record.

Uploading images
Images can be uploaded when submitting a record by clicking the 'Camera option', or the 'Image gallery option' on your mobile device. The Website and App will only accept images (not videos). Your image may not be visible immediately as all images are processed.

What happens with my record once submitted?
Your record (and any photo you add) will be stored in the secure FeralScan database, and it will be made available to view on the FeralScan maps by yourself, and any private FeralScan group you are part of. Please note, the information you record can be categorised as ‘Public’ (visible to general public) or ‘Private’ (visible to only yourself, and your private group). All public and private records are managed responsibly by FeralScan and the precise details are not disclosed to others. Your record may be viewed by Government agencies and Biosecurity authorities to help guide future pest management programs. Data is managed in accordance with the FeralScan Terms and Conditions, and Privacy Policy (available from the website Homepage).

Editing a submitted record
To edit anything you have recorded previously, simply login on the website, open the map, find and select the record to edit, and click ’Edit record’ in the pop-up box. Click ‘Submit’ when finished.

What if I don’t have mobile reception?
The FeralScan mobile App will SAVE your records in the App, if you try to submit information without mobile reception. To upload records from the SAVED RECORDS folder, when back in reception, click on the SAVED RECORDS folder (which can be located in the App menu or across the bottom of the screen). Click ‘Submit’ to upload your SAVED records.

How can I keep my pest data private?
Please ensure you select ‘Private’ when submitting records or information to ensure records you enter are kept private. All pest control records are automatically kept private, and Feralscan manages all data carefully, securely and responsibly - ensuring that precise details are not visible to others.

How do I enter multiple records with similar details in the App?
From time to time, you may need to record the same information multiple times e.g. when mapping the location of 10-20 rabbit warrens. The App contains a feature called the ‘repeat’ button. You can use this to enter multiple records with the same details at different locations. To activate this feature, you will need to record an observation, and submit an entry. Thereafter, the repeat button will be active for 24 hours, and you will be able to click the ‘repeat’ button at each new new location to record the same details as your first entry. Every time the repeat button is selected, your device will update the location, and it will use the identical information from your previous records.

Reset your Login password
How can I reset my Login password?
You can easily reset your password by visiting the Reset Password page. FeralScan will automatically generate an email and replacement password for you to use. If you have any difficulties, please contact the FeralScan team for assistance.

Photos /Images

Why is my image not visible?
The FeralScan team manages all images very carefully and responsibly. Your image may not be visible immediately as all images are processed. All images are inspected prior to being visible on the Feralscan maps. FeralScan discourages the submission of images containing people, identifiable locations, written text over images, unlawful control practices, trophy animals, and firearms. Please contact the Feralscan team if you have any questions or concerns about image management.

Private Groups
What is a private group?
A private group is simply a 'closed' group of registered FeralScan users who have elected to securely share pest records on the map. Group members can login and view all records submitted by other group members on the maps, and view Charts/Tables showing trends in pest activity in their local group area. private group members can also elect to receive alerts (or notifications) to stay informed when members report pest activity. This feature is particular good for people who want to work with their neighbours, and keep everyone informed about current pest issues.

How can I create a private group?
Simply head to the Create Group page, complete the form and click Submit. You will be directed to a NEW GROUP page where you can invite people to join your group, and access support.

How do I know if there is a private group in my area?
Please contact the FeralScan team to find out if a group exists in your local area.

Pest Alerts and Notifications

What are Alerts and Notifications?
FeralScan enables people to receive (and send) automatic alerts for their local group or community. This may include pest animal information recorded in the area that is important to be aware of. This is usually sent to nominated individuals (such as a professional pest controller working for you) or a private group (such as your landholder or community group). Notifications can also be sent automatically to local authorities, such as Government biosecurity staff to keep them informed about pest animal issues. Alerts and Notifications are purpose built for people and groups - Please contact the FeralScan team for assistance.

Can I opt out of Alerts?
Please contact the Feralscan team if you no longer wish to receive Alerts. You can remain a member of the group and can still view other members data, but you will no longer receive email alerts from the Group.

How do I leave my Private Group?
You can leave a group at any stage. Either edit your User Profile on the website (once you login), or contact the FeralScan team for assistance.

Selecting data to view on the map

How do I select the pest data to view on the map?
You can choose to view a national map of public records, or your own records, or records from your private group on the Map. Simply click ‘Select Data’ on the top right-hand-side of the map, then choose the options you prefer. You may wish to adjust the date-range, and type of data to view. There are many options to choose from, and you may also wish to view Charts and Tables of the data, or download your own records.

Why can’t I see my records on the map?
Please ensure you have logged in when using the website map. Once logged in, simply click ‘Select data’ on the top right-hand-side of the map and choose the 'My Data' option. If you are still unable to see your records, please feel free to contact the FeralScan team for assistance.

Why are old records not visible on the map?
Feralscan does not always display historical records. Please use the ‘Select data’ option on the map, and adjust the date-range as required.

Support and assistance

Who do I contact for FeralScan support?
FeralScan is maintained by a small and very dedicated team who are happy to assist with any enquiry you may have. Please get in touch with the Team (Contact us) and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Where can I get practical help regarding pest control?
The FeralScan website contains a wide range of information about pest animal management, including practical videos, standard operating procedures, instructions, guides and protocols. Head to the 'Handy Resources' page on this website to find these, as well as links to practical support, advice and assistance. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact the FeralScan team and we will endeavour to assist you.
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