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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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How to create a private group

There are many benefits from creating or joining a private group in FeralScan, including:
  1. View all records from members on the map, including control activities, images and other private records. 
  2. All members will be able to stay informed about camel activity recorded into CamelScan.
  3. You can elect to send Alert Notification emails to members to keep everyone informed about camel activity, such as camel damage.
  4. Members can see trends in camel activity on your Dashboard.
  5. Your entire group can use the Map to work together to reduce camel problems.

Members of your group can also use the information on the Map to see how camels move throughout your entire region. Your Map can become a valuable tool for planning and implementing control programs, and monitoring the results of various control activities. You can use the Map to help you inform others about the problems that camels are causing, and help you to work together to respond to camel issues.

Creating a private group is quick and easy - simply follow the steps below.


How to create a private group in FeralScan

Step 1. Login (or register as a new user)

Once you have logged in, click on the link below.

Click here to register your group details.

This step will require to you nominate a name for your group / organisation, and select a login username and password to manage the membership of the group. Once complete, click 'Submit'.

Step 2. Invite people into your private group

From the 'Group Admin' page, select the 'Invite Members' button, and enter the email addresses of each person you wish to invite into the Private Group (comma separated). We recommend you compose a short personal message and include your name, then select 'Send'.

Once each person receives your email invitation, they can Accept the invitation by logging into FeralScan using a link in the email invitation. If they do not receive an email, next time they Login to FeralScan, their invitation will be waiting for them to Accept or Reject.

From the Group Administration page, you will be able to view the members of your group, and view a summary of data, and view the records for the Group on the Map. At this stage, you may wish to Logout.

Step 3. Request Alert Notifications for your Group (optional)

To give members of your group updates about local camel activity (such as damage to fencing) we can setup Alert Notifications for your group. Please send an email to, and we will create specific notifications to suit your needs.


Members can view all records on the Map

If you are a member of a private group, login then click on 'Select Data' at the top right of the Map. Select your group name. Once selected, the map will display your group's records.

If you are part of the private group, you can opt out at any stage.

Contact us for assistance.

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