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NEW PestSmart Resources 2013 - New products  

The PestSmart Toolkit provides information and guidance on best-practice invasive animal management on several key vertebrate pest species including rabbits, wild dogs, foxes, feral pigs, feral cats, carp, and tilapia. Information will be provided in various forms such as fact sheets, case-studies, technical manuals and scientific reports.

This end-user centered suite of products is being developed by the Invasive Animals CRC as the culmination of seven years of research and development over a diverse range of projects.

The PestSmart website provides information and links to specific resources on themes such as animal welfare, vertebrate pest policy, social issues and risk assessment. Also visit the PestSmart YouTube Channel for video clips on best practice control methods for pest animal management.

Visit the PestSmart Feral Pig page - http://www.feral.org.au/pestsmart/feral-pigs/


Recent Records


  • Set up pig traps where there is ripped soil, but well before you intend to use them so pigs get used to them - John
  • Traps can remove a large mob of pigs where-as shooting often only removes a few - Crooksy
  • Email your control tips to feralpigscan@feralscan.org.au and we’ll display them here
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