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FeralScan is a community resource to help people monitor, map and manage pest animals.

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How to use the website

What to record

FeralPigScan is a purpose-built community resource for mapping and monitoring feral pigs in your local area.

Record sightings or evidence of feral pigs

Such as observations of feral pigs, hoof prints, scats, howling or camera photos. The more information you record, the more informative the feral pig map will become over time. Trends in movement will start to emerge, which can be used to decide where control should be undertaken.


Record feral pig damage or problems

Such as damage to crops, lambs, and native vegetation etc. Recording the damage that feral pigs cause is important for deciding when and where feral pig control should be undertaken. It can also be used to help you access resources and support.

Document control activities

Such as baiting, trapping, ground shooting, etc. Recording control activities can help you to (1) create a map of where you are focusing your efforts and keep a record of where you have used a technique, (2) evaluate whether changes are needed, and (3) help you work with your neighbours to synchronise control to get the best outcomes.

All information regarding control is managed privately.

How to record information

    If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it . Zoom to your location on the map, and click on any existing records. Please note, only publicly visible records display on the map. Private records will not display on the map. Select the 'Record Data' button at the top-left of the Map, and then select 'Sightings', Damage' or 'Control' Click on the map to place a marker on the map at the location for your record. Answer the questions and submit your record. You can select to share your record with everyone (Public), or keep the record private (Private).

View Group Records

If you are a member of a private group, click on 'Select Data' at the top right of the Map, and select your group name. Once selected, the map will display your group's records. If you wish to create or join a local private group, contact us for assistance.

When part of a private group, you can view all records from all members (including private records) which can help you to prevent feral pig problems, respond to feral pig issues, and plan future control activities together as a Group.

Contact us for assistance.


FeralPigScan instructions (PDF)


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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016

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Anniversary - 10 Years
Banksia Sustainability Awards 2016